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  • Welcome to Ksamil.

    Let's take a quick view of Ksamil. Ksamil combines countryside and simplicity of the village combined the luxury and city life

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    Relax in the clear beach with a free umbrellas and sunbed.

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Welcome to Ksamil Apartments

The city Ksamil is in the south part of Albania and bordered by Greece. It is 13 km away from the city of Saranda, Albania, 6 miles from Corfu and 50 km from Igoumenitsa, Greece. Ksamil is a basically tourist area and consists of 10,000 inhabitants. The summer months in Ksamil are busy and lively due to tourism, in the winter life slows down a little and the local population spend their time fishing and upgrading the infrastructure of the city.


Meet little above the Ksamil Apartments


Ksamil Apartments is located in the city center of Ksamil.


From the front of the building you can admire the lake view, from the back you can delight in the beautiful sea view, the sea being a mere 400m away from Ksamil apartments.


The construction of Ksamil apartments began in 2008 and continued until they were opened in 2012.


Each apartment consists of a bedroom, a living room, kitchen, bathroom and veranda.


Each apartment can facilitate 3 to 4 adults.


Each bedroom consists of a double bed, two bedside tables, tv, air-condition.


The living room may also contain 1 or 2 single beds, depending on the room.


The kitchen has a fridge, a table and a cooker.


Here at Ksamil apartmemts we also offer free WI-FI and parking. It should also be noted that the tap water here is drinkable.


  1. Butrint

The foundation legend of the city involved either Helenus, son of King Priam or Pyrrhus, the son of Achilles, who attempted to sacrifice a bull on his ship which escaped and leapt ashore before dying.

On the same spot, the city was founded 3,000 years ago.

In Ksamil you will be able to learn about the Helenstic period (3rd - 4th Century BC), the Roman period (2nd Century AD), the Byzantine period (6th Century AD) and also the Venetian period (13th - 14th Century AD).

You can experience all our history at the archaeological site of Butrint.

  1. Saranda

Saranda is a beautiful city which has a lot to offer to its visitors. In the summer visitors flock to Saranda to learn about the history and enjoy the beaches.

Saranda is believed by historians to have been built circa 1537, when Sultan Suleiman attacked Corfu and took control of the Saranda road which leads to Butrint.

  1. The Blue Eye

The blue aye is a water spring. It is a natural phenomenon and a very popular tourist attraction. The clear blue water of the river bubbles forth from a stunning pool. It is estimated that the pool is fifth metres deep, however the true depth is still unknown.